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About Us

About Us

Corporate View

Firemaster Oilfield Services Inc. has been proud to serve the oil and gas industry since 1980 and has maintained its leadership role in this increasingly competitive industry. We are continually looking at ways to advance and improve in the areas of professionalism, reliability, quality and safety. We are proud of our company’s dedication to provide the best services upon request, in a safe working environment, with the highest level of expertise and performance.

The Quality Management System at our Red Deer Operations has been registered to ISO 9001 since 1999.

Our Safety and Loss Prevention Program is accredited under the Occupational Health and Safety Partnerships Program. It has been created in accordance to guidelines and standards from PSAC (Petroleum Services Association of Canada), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

We are poised to continue to build on our proven track record of service excellence, our greatest asset. Firemaster Oilfield Services Inc. strives to exceed the industry standards of job site and shop safety, training and equipment maintenance.

We have utilized the latest technologies to attain the high level of quality and standards in our manufacturing specifications for new equipment, along with an ongoing training program for all our employees to reach new levels of professionalism.

Firemaster has bases strategically located to provide immediate 24 hour emergency response, presently in Western Canada. All Firemaster stations are on a 24/7 schedule. We take great pride in providing “Professional Services” at all times.

Client Confidentiality

Firemaster has a stringent non-media policy when it comes to emergency responses. As a result our personnel are extremely discrete regarding disclosing information on occurrences; therefore limiting uninvited publicity. We respect the customer’s right to confidentiality

Mission Statement

To Provide a professional service with the highest of health, safety, environmental and quality assurance standards that will enhance the good management principles and practices of our valued customers. We will fulfill this commitment by working towards our goal with integrity, constant diligence and continual improvement.