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Emergency Scene Management

Emergency Scene Management

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Emergency Scene Management

Length: 3 Days    Class: 20 Students

Required: Firefighter Fundamentals or Fire Training Level III or NFPA 1081 or NFPA 1001 Must have ICS100 and ICS200

This course prepares the student to be the unit commander at a single alarm emergency incident.  Students learn how to secure the scene, assess the situation, examine response alternatives, select and implement a response strategy, allocate resources, plan for expansion and demobilization of the event, and ensure the public and fire fighter safety throughout.

  • Assign tasks or responsibilities to team members
  • Give a size-up report
  • Develop an incident action plan using basic tactical operations
  • Implement the action plan
  • Assign or Allocate resources
  • Management supervision and accountability of fire ground personnel



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