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Confined Space Entry and Rescue – Level 2

Confined Space Entry and Rescue – Level 2

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Confined Space Entry and Rescue – Level 2

Length: 8 Hours    Class: 12 Students

Required: Full PPE

Working in a confined space is 150 times more dangerous than performing the same task outside of a confined space.  These spaces are so potentially dangerous and challenging that the government has developed regulations which must be followed.


This course has been developed in order to help ensure safe operations in and around confided pace by introducing workers to:

  • Government regulations
  • Code of practice
  • Recognition of confined spaces
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Training
  • Entry Permit System
  • Safety and Protection
  • Protection - Hazardous Substances and Energy
  • Unauthorized Entry
  • Traffic Hazards
  • Testing the Atmosphere
  • Ventilation and Purging
  • Inerting
  • Emergency Response
  • Tending Worker
  • Entry and Exit
  • Retaining Records


This course is primarily directed at confined space workers, it is a valuable sources of information for anyone who may be involved with confined space entry, including company management and emergency response teams.



Price: $175.00

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