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High Vapour Pressure – Flare Gun Ignition

High Vapour Pressure – Flare Gun Ignition

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High Vapour Pressure – Flare Gun Ignition

Length: 8 Hours    Class: 16 Students

Required: Full PPE

This program is offered to workers who may, in their job description or emergency response plan, be required to ignite a plume of flammable vapors as a result of an uncontrolled release. This program can be offered in conjunction with the Industrial Fire Fighting Level II course as an extension. You must bring your own flare pistols and ammunition for this course.


  • Flare pistol safety.
  • Flare pistol operation.
  • Company policies relevant to lighting a flammable gas release.
  • Legislation.
  • Gas plume characteristics.
  • Possible consequences of lighting a gas plume.


****** Must bring your own flare gun and three flares******

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