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Rescue Awareness

Rescue Awareness

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Rescue Awareness

Length: 45 Hours    Class: 12 Students


  • Emergency Medical Responder or equivalent.
  • Leather palmed gloves.
  • Steel toe boots.
  • Coveralls.
  • Dress for the weather.

This 45-hour course deals with the common chapter of the NFPA 1006 standard "Site Operations, Maintenance and Ropes & Rigging". A certificate for the awareness course will be given on successful completion of the exam and practical skills. This course contains the following:

  • Identify The Needed Support Resources.
  • Size Up A Rescue Incident.
  • Manage Incident Hazards.
  • Manage Resources In Rescue Incident.
  • Conduct A Search.
  • Perform Ground Operations For HelicopterLanding.
  • Terminate The Incident.
  • Inspect And Maintain Hazard-Specific Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Inspect And Maintain Rescue Equipment.
  • Knots, Bends, and Hitches.
  • Single Point Anchor System.
  • Simple Rope Mechanical Advantage System.
  • Lowering System.
  • Belay System.
  • System Safety Check.

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