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Plant Turnarounds and Standby Rescue Personnel

You Can Depend On Safe and Stress-Free Plant Turnarounds

When time is of the essence during those critical plant turnarounds you can depend on Firemaster to provide you with the trained safety and rescue professionals to help get the job done safely. Our full time specialists have the training and experience it takes to provide a safe and stress-free turnaround.

It is not always practical to train in-house staff as rescue personnel. Knowing the need for having professionally trained emergency responders on site, Firemaster can provide a team of individuals for on-site emergency response. Firemaster’s SRP members have all the mandatory safety and rescue training and the experience you can rely on. Firemaster will provide a team of professional individuals, familiar with current provincial Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, who are able to meet the following minimum certification criteria:

  • Confined Space Safety for Entry and Rescue™
  • H2S Alive
  • Standard First Aid
  • Industrial FireTraining
  • Technical Rope Rescue

Each SRP crew of three will be also be commanded by one team leader with a maximum of five per team.

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