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Fire Training

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Firemaster is an industry leader in Industrial Fire Training. We are fully mobile with live–fire training available at the site of your choice or at our fire training facility in Red Deer, Alberta. We are fully equipped with a variety of fire fighting apparatus for dry chemical, water and foam suppression training. We have a well-maintained inventory of firefighter turnout gear in many sizes.

Firemaster’s Fire Training and the Environment

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Fortunately for our environment this is not always the case. Where there is fire, there may not be smoke. We have designed our fire props to burn vapour and in some cases liquid propane. Liquid hydrocarbon fuels often produce visible black smoke when burning yet still have a place in the crucial elements of fire training, but we proudly insist that our decision to use propane in over 90% of our fire programs makes us the number 1 choice for fire training. Companies which adhere to strict environmental policies have praised our attention to these details.

Industrial Fire Training

All of Firemaster’s Industrial Fire Training programs are written according to National Fire Protection Association and/or American Petroleum Institute guidelines. Your company’s emergency response plan, equipment and extinguishing agents may be implemented into our programs. Custom programs are our specialty. All Students who successfully complete an Industrial Fire Training course will be awarded both a wallet and wall certificate valid for 3 years. While attending an Industrial Fire Training program presented by Firemaster, students will learn the following…

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