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Circle of Safety

A Pike crew working for another Utility found this child while conducting a CIRCLE OF SAFETY of the company truck the crew members were driving.

Just think about what would have happened if the employee had gotten in the truck and drove off without doing a walk around.

This crew has also reported children climbing into the back of company vehicles.

Keep in mind, children will be out of school on summer break soon so be sure to watch out for them!

Please share this eye opening, bone chilling photo and experience with your work groups.

What should I do before starting a vehicle?

  • Read, understand, and follow manufacturer’s operating manual.
  • Know how to operate the vehicle and use any related equipment or attachments safety. Be familiar with the location and function of all the controls.
  • Inspect your vehicle daily.
  • Develop a routine method of inspecting vehicle (e.g. start at the front on the driver’s side and
  • walk towards the back, and around past the passenger side, checking the items listed below).

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