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Fatality – Worker Struck By Falling Equipment

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Incident Description:

Two pipe tubs had been spun out from the edge of the lease with a pole truck, so they were facing the lease entrance. They were parallel about 8 ft apart and 1 was about 8 ft further back from the other.

A tractor with a lo-boy lined up to the one furthest back and chained a set of pipe racks onto the tub that were sitting on it, hooked up his loading sling and began loading the tub.

While the first driver was getting ready a second truck with a hi-boy had pulled in and lined up to the tub that was further ahead. This driver had to chain several items to the top of his tub and had thrown 3 chains over the tub and was in the process of tightening the boomer on the chain that was furthest back.

The first driver winched his tub forward and brought it about 15 ft ahead of the roll of his trailer, which now had it overlapping the other tub.

The tub slid to the side of the trailer so the driver slacked off on the winch to let the tub back down to re-align to the tub.
As soon as he slacked off, the tub went off the side of the trailer. The co-worker turned toward the falling tub and got hit in the chest area

He managed to get clear so he wasn’t crushed, but died from the force of the impact.

What Caused It:

The deck pin that should have been in the roll pin pocket was never found.
Drivers have to be sure the deck pins are in place prior to loading.
Another worker saw he had deck pins in the roll on an earlier trip.

The load slid to the side, as it was being winched ahead.
There did not appear to be any reason to winch the load ahead.
Drivers should roll back under loads as they are winching the load onto the trailer deck unless there is a soft spot under the load.

The injured worker didn’t recognize his position as being in a danger zone.

Corrective/Preventive Actions:

1. The company has changed the JSA for loading so workers do not stand between loads while one is being winched on.
2. If workers are in the area of the loads, only one load can be winched on at a time. All workers in the area would concentrate on that load.
3. Preparing another load is not done within 6 meters of a load being loaded until the load is in place on the trailer.

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