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Have a flat?

Don’t get stuck with out a spare tire. It was lucky that Firemaster’s Account Manager Jerad Davis was prepared when this happened to him. Be sure to check your cars owners manual before you begin. Things to check.

1. Do you have a spare tire.

2. Do you know how to get to your spare tire and take it off. Some tires are under a vehicle. Try taking it off before a road trip to make sure that you can do it. Sometimes the bolts get stuck and need a little extra push to get moving. This is better done in a safe area instead of at the side of the road.

3. Does your spare have air in it? Be sure to check the air pressure as it could have changed with the temperature change.

4. Make sure that you have a jack and that you know how to work it and where it goes on your vehicle.

5. You never know where this may happen so have pylons or flares accessible. If possible have a safety vest with reflective tape to make yourself visible in the dark.

6. Have a working flashlight or head lamp if possible. 7. Put tire blocks under the tires before changing the tire to make sure the car doesn’t roll. Stay safe and be prepared.


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