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Firemaster believes that our greatest assets to our company and to our customers are our employees.  We would like to introduce some of our staff that makes Firemaster an outstanding Safety Service Company.

Matt Smith

Station: Grande Prairie
Position: Fire Fighter
Years with Firemaster: 1 Year 9 Months

Firemaster is pleased to have Matt as a member of our team.  His passion for fire fighting and his dedication to the safety culture makes him an exceptional leader out in the field and in the shop.

How did you get to be a Firefighter with Firemaster?
Matt: I have been with Firemaster for almost 2 years.  I moved from Nova Scotia and accepted a position with Firemaster’s fire fighting department in Grande Prairie.

I come from a family of fire fighters.  It has been my calling ever since I was young.  After high school I became a volunteer fire fighter at our local station.  A year later I began my professional training which led me to become a career fire fighter.  After 5 years in a municipal fire station I made the decision to move to Alberta.

Why do you like working for Firemaster?
Matt: The People.   There is a brotherhood among fire fighters.  We all have the same interests and passion about helping others.   We have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for ourselves, our fellow fire fighters and the personnel that we are on location to assist.

Any memorable or favorite moments on the job you would like to share?
Matt: I enjoyed the training in Red Deer on our fire grounds.  It was great to meet some of the other guys from the different locations.  It was a fantastic team building opportunity and it allowed us to test the equipment on our trucks and to make sure that we knew how to use it correctly.

Are there any customers that stand out in your mind as exceptional when it comes to safety and why?
Matt:  Some customers that I have worked with that stand out in the field are Imperial, Shell, Taqa and Suncor.   I believe this because they really take a stand on Safety and make it a priority on their locations.  They have policies and procedures in place and communicate it to all members on the location before any work is done.  They don’t rush into the job.  They take their time and insure the safety is in place before proceeding.

What is your philosophy when it comes to safety on the worksite?
Matt:  Stay safe, know and follow the safety measures and procedures that are in place prior to doing any of the work.   Speak up.  Look out for each other.  If something doesn’t look right don’t be shy and say something.

Which hazards do you see most often on location?  Especially those you would like to change.
Matt:  Off Location some of the hazards I see are driving.   Follow the rules of the road. Use the road radio channels and drive according to the road conditions.

On location communication is key.  When communication fails there is potential for accidents.  Talk with others before doing anything.  Good ways of communication are the tail gate safety meetings.   They insure that everyone knows where we are at on the job.  It gives the ability to delegate tasks and verify commands by repeating back what is supposed to be done.  This is especially important if communication is through radio.

What are some of the benefits of the career you are working in that you would share with others considering your occupation?
Matt:  This job offers great life skills.  From the industrial side you learn about fire fighting but you also learn about the trucks, mechanics, how to instruct others, leadership, safety coordination and oil and gas related operations.  You learn that prevention of accidents is always top priority.  It gives you the structure to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to safety.  You are taught to look for potential problems and correct them before they happen.  This is a great skill to have both on the job and at home in day to day life.

Which parts of your training have you felt most valuable when working on site?
Matt:  The most valuable training has been how to spot a hazard before it happens.  What to look for in the course of operations.  Identify the risks and mitigate them accordingly.

Looking for friendly, knowledgeable, highly trained personnel who are dedicated to keeping you safe like Matt?  Call us today and see the Firemaster difference!





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