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New monitoring systems Lynx and Puma

Here at Firemaster we are always finding new and innovative solutions for keeping you safe when out in the field.  We have done it again with our new Lynx and Puma monitoring systems.


Lynx system was developed as an emergency response system to effectively communicate an evacuation or muster signal on a large scale.   It consists of 6 portable units which are battery operated, a master control panel and a receiver.  The Master control panel is to be rigged into the safety shack and allows the safety representative to enable and disable the portable units as required.   The audible and visual alarms are connected to the receiver unit.  When the “muster” button is depressed the status lights will change to orange and the receiver will transmit a pulsed alarm signifying all personnel should head to the nearest safe muster area.  If the “evacuate” button is depressed then the receiver will transmit a solid alarm.  The units all communicate wirelessly using an encrypted 900 Mhz signal.



PUMA is a hardwire toxic gas detection system that can effectively monitor up to 24 sensors.  By default the system is configured for 8 x LEL and 16 x H2S sensors.  However we can customize this (with ample notice) based on the customers demand.  PUMA also has data logging functionality; it records one minute samples for each sensor attached.

We have opted for a touch screen display to control the 24 different channels (sensors).  This allows for very intuitive operation.  The operator can simply press a button on the control screen to enable/disable and/or calibrate a sensor.

The system can also be hooked up to our existing audible and visual signaling devices.  We have made provisions to allow us to use the 120V Alarms (legacy items) or the new 24V DC alarms (inherently safer).

Contact one of our account managers to discuss how this system can work for you!

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