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Tornado Safety

Here is a quick read about Tornado Safety. We have had a number of Tornado warnings in the past few weeks. Do you know what to do? Stay alert and listen to the radio for any sever weather warnings.

Tornado Safety

Because tornadoes can develop very rapidly, it is vital that people know what to do in a weather emergency to reduce the risk of personal safety and property.

  • Plan ahead: At home, have a family tornado plan in place, based on the kind of dwelling you live in.
  • Be weather alert: Keep an eye on the sky, learn about the signs of severe weather, and listen for severe weather watches or warnings.
  • If a tornado threatens, take shelter immediately, preferably in the lower level of a sturdy building.
  • Stay away from windows, and outside walls. Flying glass and debris poses the largest danger to human safety.
  • If caught outdoors, with no shelter available, lie flat in a ditch, ravine or other low lying area, and shield your head with your arms.

For more information about severe weather safety, please visit Environment Canada’s website at http://www.ec.gc.ca/.

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