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X-Employee Tells True Cost of Impared Driving

Lessons Learned

I would like to believe that in this day and age, the repercussions for drinking and driving are well known and the possibility that any sensible person even considering it would be remote. But we all know that isn’t the world we live in.

An x-employee stopped by one of our shops and detailed the financial cost of being caught drinking and driving. The x-employee participated in a safety meeting and this was the message: “DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE IT IS NOT WORTH IT”

This is just a quick break down of the cost to so far, 11 months after the incident.

– Fine $500.00
– Impound $1700.00
– Alcohol / drug course, 2 days $1000.00
– Car breathalyzer install $300.00
– Car breathalyzer removal $300.00
– breathalyzer calibration $1500.00
– Lost wages $2000.00
– New license $ 150.00
– Insurance increase year over year $??????


If you add $5000 for legal costs alone, this runs him roughly 12,500. For an average worker with a 35% tax bracket, he’ll have to earn roughly $17,000 just to pay for the mistake. Some may say, wow, that is a lot of money. May be.

The larger issue for him is his dream to become a firefighter. This has been delayed for over 5 years because of his record, if he is able to chase that dream at all.

Finally, the larger issue to me, WHY is this driver and you are the MOST LUCKY people in the world that day. Because we aren’t paying the harshest penalty. The penalty of taking someones life or wiping out a family. Imagine having to wake up every morning and re-live that experience and now live with that label. And even more worse than that, to be the family that wakes up without mom or dad or their children and the pain extended families feel for a lifetime from such a loss. This should hit home and be very personal to you. Why, because the roads have my wife and kids on them and yours, everyday, not strangers, families, our families. And that day, this person took that chance, rolled the dice, and thank god, was caught before anyone was hurt, allowing us to continue to peruse our dreams.


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