24/7 Emergency Response
24/7 Emergency Response

Emergency Response Services

Emergency Response and Pre-Incident Planning

Firemaster employs many experienced firefighters and H2S specialists from a wide variety of disciplines with many years of combined experience.  We respond to emergencies with a command team which includes a Supervisor, Assistant Supervisor, Health and Safety Manager, along with a minimum of two Firetrucks and four Firefighters, and an MTC with a Medic.  Our 24 hour, centralized Dispatch will assess your emergency needs and quickly respond with the necessary manpower and equipment.  


Technical Specifications

  • Customer privacy / no media communication policy
  • Annual flow testing on all pumps and hoses
  • Largest foam concentrate bank in western Canada
  • All trucks carry 1500 lb of Purple K and 300 Gal of premixed foam propelled by N2
  • All trucks have decontamination showers in case of exposure to chemical
  • Remote monitors able to deliver water flow from 250-4000 GPM
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Texas A&M Fire School trained personnel
  • Dust masks / hearing protection / breathing apparatus (SCBA, SABA)


  • Onboard pumps are flow tested annually and documented
  • Hoses tested annually to NFPA standard
  • Firefighter ensemble is inspected according to NFPA
  • Job reports/timelines completed throughout the duration and given to the customer at end of job
  • ComplyWorks
  • ISNetworld
  • COR Certified

Tank Fire

  • Tank Fire Suppression
  • Tank LEL Suppression
  • Treater Fire Suppression
  • H2S and SO2 Mobile Monitoring
  • EMR/PCP Ambulance Medical Response

Well Control

  • Complete H2S services for responding to sour releases – Well Kick / Loss of Well control / Wellhead or BOP failures
  • Ambient Mobile Monitoring – SO2 and H2S in the case of gas release
  • Medical – BLS & ALS
  • Truck mounted well control unit capable of responding anywhere in western Canada
  • Designated response supervisory personnel with over 85 years of combined experience
  • Support equipment – fire trucks and fire pumps
  • Approach Proximity suits
  • Magnesium cutter – for cutting apart damaged hardware and pipe

Fire and Spills

  • LEL Vapor Suppression
  • Fire Suppression
  • H2S and SO2 Mobile Monitoring
  • EMR/PCP Ambulance Medical Response
  • Onsite Gas Detection – LEL/VOC/H2S
  • Pipeline Leaks or Ruptures
  • Prevention and Protection from Natural Hazards, Forest Fires, or Tornadoes

Safety Management and Emergency Planning Programs

All emergency situations will be handled with discretion and Firemaster may also participate in an investigation into the cause, if required.