24/7 Emergency Response
24/7 Emergency Response

Medical Services

Medical Services For Any Event

Firemaster offers provincially licensed medical personnel for emergency response and standby services for any industry or event.  All our medical personnel receive in house training for industrial procedures (e.g. check in/out, setting up STARS sites and landing zones, emergency response protocols, JSA reviews, headcounts, etc.) and also complete company and site specific orientations. 


Unit Specifications

  • EMR / PCP / ACP – In the provinces of BC, AB, and SK
  • Manned medical services for all industries:
    • Construction, Energy, Community Events, Turnarounds, Medical, Security support staff
  • MTCs is equipped to handle many forms of emergencies:
    • Diabetic, Respiratory, Cardiac, Severe Bleeds, Capable of transporting up to two patients
  • Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV) equipped with climate-controlled patient compartment, spinal immobilization kit with basket stretcher, and AB Level 3 First Aid Kit.
  • Ambulance – Stocked to municipal ambulance standards across Canada
  • Medical Office Trailers – office / treatment center in one
  • Burn Kits
  • AED In all MTC's
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Kits with 12 Lead Monitor to aid with diagnosis and treatment.
  • Spinal/splinting injury management
  • Monitoring equipment to monitor patients vitals
  • Biohazard Kit

Technical Specifications:

  • All MTC’s/ETV’s are 4x4 equipped in the case of rough terrain
  • MTC/PTU - Maintained on strict maintenance schedule
  • Temperature controlled treatment environments with a chair
  • Road radio with all required frequencies and Provincial Ambulance frequency


  • National Occupational Competency Profile for Paramedics - Oct 2011
  • Under direction of Medical Director
  • Provincially registered in provinces where practicing
  • All our MTC's Tufport Toppers conform to Transport Canada CMVSS

Mobile Treatment Centres and ambulance units

Our Mobile Treatment Centres and ambulance units are all AED equipped and the medical stock meets or exceeds provincial requirements. The Patient Transport Units are stocked with medical supplies to an advanced first aid level.