24/7 Emergency Response
24/7 Emergency Response

We are happy to announce the launch of our new website!

A message from our Web Developers:

"We provided them with a whole new branding and logo update. Our Blue Ocean team redid the website to make it look more modern, with lots of visuals and much easier to navigate around the website. The site utilizes an interesting visual dropdown menu with images of the services and a new "Request a quote" form. We've updated the site with the latest content management systems (CMS) and security. Browse around on all platforms; the Blue Ocean team has ensured the website is user-friendly on mobile and desktop."

Firemaster provides a professional service with the highest of health, safety, environmental and quality assurance standards that will enhance the good management principles and practices of all their valued customers. They are proud to be serving the oil and gas industry since 1980 and have maintained a leadership role in their increasingly competitive industry. Firemaster strives to exceed the industry standards of the job site, shop safety, training and equipment maintenance.

Firemaster has bases strategically located to provide immediate 24-hour emergency response in Western Canada. All Firemaster stations are on a 24/7 schedule.www.firemaster.ca